If you are considering a one-time crisis treatment plan, a monthly pro-active treatment plan or a reconstruction plan to address a soil erosion problem around your pond. Please call or eamil us to inquire about a program that will address your specific needs.

Pro-active or Re-active; either way you could be faced with an out-of-control vegetative problem in your lake or pond. We have the knowledge and the resource to assist you in controlling this problem.

fallen dead trees along the river, the roots in Thailand nature along the coast

Crisis Treatment: Whether you are looking for a short-term quick fix or looking for a solid management plan, we can help. If you simply want to address the issue at hand, we can draft a one-time “crisis” treatment plan for you. And since Mother Nature is never static, we can inform you on the benefits of the short-term plan while keeping you informed of the future issues that will confront you.

Annual Contract: ARM is equipped to perform the long-term (monthly) management that helps keep your pond in a healthy state. We can apprise you of various tools such as aeration that can benefit your lake or pond. When we perform the monthly management of your pond we become your ‘eyes’ as we view the pond ecosystem and alert you with any impending issue which you may not be aware of.

Reconstruction: Erosion of the embankment slopes and shoreline are a very big issue. They can be an expensive fix. If critter’s such as Muskrat and Nutria are present, that can add to the problem. They can be very destructive to the ecosystem and can cause problems that will need to be dealt with.

Vegetation Control: Nuisance aquatic vegetation is one of the most troublesome pond problems. Control methods include: biological (fish that eat plants); chemical treatment (aquatic algaecides and herbicides), cultural (beneficial plantings) and mechanical (pulling, cutting, and raking). Biological control is usually the recommended long-term solution. Sterile grass carp can be extremely effective but require time. Treatments may be quick, but require care. The type of vegetation must be identified correctly. Treatments must be mixed and applied properly.

Often special equipment is necessary for effective chemical application. Improper use of treatment products may kill many fish. We are licensed applicators of aquatic herbicides and pesticides. New aquatic herbicides are available with are effective, relatively long-lasting, and safe. We often spray nuisance aquatic vegetation for immediate control, and apply a colorant to limit light penetration.