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ClearPAC® Plus MuckAway w/ Algae Defense® – 1/4 acre

– Kill algae, eliminate pond muck and keep your pond clear all in one convenient package
– Treats ¼ acre pond for up to 6 months. ½ acre pond for up to 3 months
– End the guesswork of pond management

The Pond Logic® ClearPAC® Plus ends the guesswork of pond management by combining essential pond maintenance products into one complete pond care package. Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye shades and protects your pond while PondClear™ and EcoBoost™ naturally eliminate unwanted debris. Harnessing the power of MuckAway™ Beneficial Bacteria, the ClearPAC® Plus keeps your pond clean and clear while eliminating unwanted pond muck. Great for maintaining beaches, lakefront properties or high flow areas. MuckAway™ precision pellets sink directly down into trouble areas reducing up to 2” of muck per month. The ClearPAC® also includes Algae Defense® to treat all forms of algae blooms to keep your pond blemish free.

Along with our essential pond maintenance products, the Pond Logic® ClearPAC® Plus comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and is guaranteed to work or your money back! Live in a state that restricts algaecides? Not to worry, the Pond Logic® ClearPAC® Plus is available without Algae Defense® so you can enjoy a crystal-clear pond regardless of where you live.

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The ClearPAC® Plus treats 1/4 acre pond for up to 6 months and includes:
– 1 gallon of Algae Defense®
– 24 packets of PondClear™
– 16 scoops of EcoBoost™
– 1 quart of Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye
– 8 scoops of MuckAway™

How to Use:
STEP 1: Add Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye. Repeat every 4-8 weeks, or as needed. No temperature restrictions.
STEP 2: Do you have algae?
Yes: Treat with Algae Defense®. Water temperature must be above 60°F. Wait 72 hours before continuing with Step 3.
No: Go to Step 3.
Don’t have Algae Defense®? Skip to Step 3.
STEP 3: Add PondClear™, EcoBoost™ and MuckAway™ together every 2 weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F.