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CrystalClear® Spring & Fall Prep – 12 pkts

Cold Water Natural Bacteria with Barley

– Replenishes Winter Bacteria Loss During Spring Start-Up
– Accelerates Decomposition of Leaves, Twigs & Sediment All Winter Long
– Cold Water Formula
– Easy to Use Pre-measured Water Soluble Packets
– Safe for All Aquatic Life

CrystalClear® Spring & Fall Prep contains cold water natural bacteria designed to accelerate the decomposition of leaves, twigs, muck and other sediment during the fall and winter months while replenishing winter bacteria loss during the spring. These easy-to-use, water soluble packets should be applied weekly to keep your pond looking its best even when water temperatures are between 35°F – 60°F.

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Dosage Rate
Use 1 packet of Spring & Fall Prep per 1,000 gallons.

6 packet jar treats 6,000 gallons or 1,000 gallons for up to 6 weeks.
12 packet jar treats 12,000 gallons or 2,000 gallons for up to 6 weeks.
24 packet jar treats 24,000 gallons or 4,000 gallons for up to 6 weeks.
96 packet jar treats 96,000 gallons or 16,000 gallons for up to 6 weeks.

Application Rate
Do not open packets. Start applying when water temperature is below 60°F. Add once per week directly into pond or filtration system.

Persistent Problem Application Rate
If a problem arises between routine applications Spring & Fall Prep should be applied every 3 days until desired result is achieved.

For Best Results
Spring & Fall Prep can be applied directly into pond water or filtration system. Optimal Water Conditions: pH: 6.5 – 8.5, Dissolved Oxygen: 5 PPM, Temperature: Between 35°F-60°F